We work alongside clients in the implementation of projects and energy management for commercial and industrial activities as executors of the project commissioning of the projects from the beginning to the end.

We identify solutions that are compatible with the environment, the reduction of the use of environmental resources, the use of systems with high energy efficiency and renewable energy. We follow the guidelines of the “B Corp”, companies that use their technical, economic and financial capability, to contribute in the solution of environmental and social problems.

The approach

Qubo Energia can supervise projects for new constructions or to make changes to existing systems, identifying corrective for their optimization through the estimating, measuring, monitoring and verification.


The actions of Qubo Energia, for new or existing installations, are formulated as:

  • Testing & Commissioning
  • Energetic and functional control
  • Projects for the implementation of facilities
  • Projects for structures corrections

We serve the customer with a consolidated experience and deeply knowledge of materials, machinery, techniques and equipments philosophies.

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