quboenergia 10

The occasion of the 10th anniversary of its foundation, Qubo Energia has a new look: new logo, colors, fonts. A new 360° integrated communication.

Qubo Energia is mainly aimed at Italian and foreign companies, offering concrete technical help for those who have to carry out an engineering work, with particular attention to the issue of energy, having more than thirty years of experience in the field of energy saving. Its goal is to provide optimal solutions in terms of functionality and energy.

And it is precisely in functionality that the work of restyling the company logo is placed.

The font, used in lowercase mode, outlines the company’s intent to seek concrete solutions and not just in the air, while keeping its feet firmly on the ground.

Earth: another fundamental element in the composition of the logo. The initial cube, brown colour, recalls the ground, the idea of “concreteness”, but also a particular attention to the world of sustainability.

Within the shape there are two curved lines, the roots of a plant in the ground, of different thicknesses. The main route, the one with the greatest thickness and a secondary one, to underline that it is always possible to find an alternative route to the main one and this, very often, is the non-primary one, represented by a road that is not yet “consolidate”. Just look away and the alternative is at your fingertips. In other words, The different way.

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